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What We Do

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At Evolve Chiropractic Gold Coast we respect the inherent strength of the human body and it’s ability to heal, and use a holistic approach to our chiropractic care with our practice members. To allow your body to return to its natural healthy state we focus on ensuring that the nervous system in your spine is in full working order. The nervous system is the information highway of the body and by removing any physical pressure that can be hampering you, we allow your nervous system and body to begin restoring itself.

We take into consideration all of the facets of your life when developing a chiropractor care program so as to create a natural, sustainable solution that is best for you. We know that your body is greater than the sum of its parts, and focus on the health and function of your body in it’s entirety, not just the symptomatic resolution of pain. With our holistic approach, at Evolve Chiropractic Gold Coast we aim to release our practice members from a life of discomfort and pain and start them on the road to improved energy, resilience, and a healthier life.

“We see the potential that your body has to heal and thrive. From a chiropractic perspective, you are already intrinsically healthy, and the aim is not to override your health, but simply to restore it”

What We Do

The Chiropractic Adjustment

We help to restore your natural healthy state by removing pressure on  your nervous system using tried and true techniques that have served us for over 100 years. The adjustments are an impulse into a joint that is restricting nerve function, enabling natural range and movement through that joint and removing pressure from the nerve.  This precipitates and elicits a healing response in your body. There are many different ways we can adjust you, to suit your age, condition and state of health. The beauty of the adjustment lies in its accuracy and specificity, and we will take the time to analyse your spine correctly.

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Neuro- Impulse Protocol (NIP)

Neuro Impulse Protocol is a chiropractic technique and analysis protocol developed to assess you for nerve interference with a light adjustment style particularly suited for the very young or delicate. It involves an in-depth evaluation for reflexes, muscle tests and includes testing the function of the spinal joint, muscles and the nerves that supply them. Neuro Impulse Protocol can be used to help people of all ages from infants to the elderly.

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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is an analysis protocol  that can pinpoint the areas of interference in your body and help to determine  where adjustments will benefit your body the most. Our chiropractors will use muscle testing to provide instant feedback on what could be could be perfect for you. Once established, our chiropractors will target your chiropractic care at the source of your discomfort and start you on the road to healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s FAQ

Can I get adjusted on the first visit?

One of the things we all love the most is getting that perfect adjustment! The secret to a great adjustment is your chiropractor knowing exactly where, when, and how to adjust, and this means a thorough initial assessment. This is also the time we rule out anything that we can’t help you with, an important to take before commencing care. If you are in a lot of pain on your first visit, and concerned about waiting for your follow up, be sure to let your chiropractor know and they will do everything they can to help you.

Will I have to go all the time to see you?

It all depends on your health goals, and pre- existing health of your body. You may need to come a little more often initially, just the same as if you were doing a fitness challenge, or getting your teeth straightened. Happily, we are very good at helping you find your ideal appointment time, organise your care schedule and can give you an efficient, smooth experience every time.

What can chiropractic help me with?

Most people come to see us initially for spinal discomfort; this is definitely what chiropractors are best known for! Chiropractic is a drug free approach to your health problems, that also embraces natural movement and exercise, encourages healthy eating, as well as all other aspects of well-being. Chiropractors can potentially also assist with the neuro-musculoskeletal aspect of other health conditions, so if you aren’t sure, the best way forward is to organise to speak to us.

When viewed through a ‘chiropractic filter’, many of our health problems can be rectified through the restoration of good function and movement, and restoring healthy patterns that are necessary in order to thrive; such as sleep and nutrition.

Why would I take my children to see a chiropractor?

There are many causes of spinal problems, and things that can be related to the spine or musculoskeletal system, that can happen to us early in life, including, but not limited to birth trauma, the musculoskeletal aspect of tongue tie management, hip dysfunction, and of course the many falls that children have. Regardless of age, the focus of chiropractic is ensuring that the spine and nervous system of our practice members is as good as possible!

How do I know if my child should see a chiropractor?

Some common signs that a child may have a concern that they are unable to articulate are:

  • Difficulty with tummy time
  • The musculoskeletal aspect of tongue tie management
  • Constant crying in a car seat or when lying down
  • Lack of ease in moving parts of their body.

There are also some other health conditions such as asthma in which chiropractic can specifically target the musculoskeletal aspect of your child’s health: for more information about these conditions get in touch with us. We won't know if your child would benefit from chiropractic care without seeing them; we can assess your child and provide you with information and then refer you to the most appropriate type of health practitioner.

Will the adjustment be uncomfortable for my child (or me!)?

No! The style of chiropractic we perform on children (like anyone) is adapted to suit their age and health. The adjusting is all light touch, with only a small amount of pressure and minimal movement.

I have been told my child’s growing pains are normal, is this true?

Pain when growing isn’t normal, although it is very common. There are several possible causes, and chiropractic potentially can assist with the resolution.

How long will my child need to come and see you?

As with any other age group, this is an individual consideration from person to person and will depend on the state of health of your child’s spine.

Pregnancy FAQ

Your health in pregnancy, viewed through a ‘chiropractic’ lens, is about the optimal health of the mother, including her ease of movement and joint health. From this point of view, we prefer to advocate for a proactive focus on these points rather than being reactive to a ‘pain crisis’.

Is it safe for me to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Chiropractic has an exemplary safety record in pregnancy care. Your care however will be modified to accommodate your comfort and changing needs, respecting considerations such as ligament laxity, hormonal and blood pressure changes, and other aspects of your health.

When is the best time in my pregnancy to begin care?

Many concerns that women experience during pregnancy can lead them into a chiropractor’s office, which they may already have the foundations of, but be unaware of. This can include pelvic and uterine ligament tightness, pubic symphysis inflammation, and low back dysfunction. As improvements in these areas require an improvement in tension and health of the tissue, which requires time, we believe care is best begun at the beginning of pregnancy or when planning your pregnancy, rather than waiting for the symptoms to arise.

What is the Webster Technique?

The pregnancy-friendly Webster Technique is an analysis of the sacrum and pelvis, with a specific sacral correction involving a gentle sacral adjustment and a release of the uterine and pelvic ligaments. For this reason, it has deservedly achieved a reputation for assisting pregnant women. Dr Edwina has been certified in the Webster technique for ten years.