To evolve is a peaceful, harmonious transition to a new state of being. We want to help you not just feel better, but to be truly different.

Dr Edwina Waddell Dr Bonnie Whittingham Sunny Bob Bones  Our Philosophy

Dr Edwina Waddell

Principal Chiropractor, Evolve Chiropractic GC

Hi, my name is Dr Edwina Waddell and I have been a chiropractor for twenty years. My great love for people, and to help them be the best version of themselves is what has sustained, focused and driven me throughout my time in practice. This desire has taken me around the world; I have practiced and been registered in both in Australia and the United Kingdom, where I lived and practiced in London for eleven years.

Since beginning in practice I have completed formal postgraduate education in paediatric and family chiropractic from world renowned paediatric chiropractors, and helped countless families, children and individuals to be their best, healthy self.

In my spare time I love learning more about how to serve people in my practice, attending learning events here and internationally, I have represented the United Chiropractic Association in the House of Commons at Westminster in London, been an active member of the media committee of The United Chiropractic Association, and a founding member and Secretary of the League of Chiropractic Women, Europe. I am a member of the ACA, the College of Chiropractic Paediatrics and ‘International Chiropractic Paediatric Association’.

When I’m not in the practice, you’ll find me hiking in the hills or sunning myself at the beach, usually with my nose in a good novel.

Dr Bonnie Whittingham

Chiropractor, Evolve Chiropractic GC

Hi, my name is Dr Bonnie Whittingham and I’m a third generation chiropractor. I received my first adjustment at just one-day old. Having grown up in a family of chiropractors, I was fortunate enough to experience natural health my whole life and witness the wonders of chiropractic.

Upon finishing school I decided I wanted to help others feel the way I had always felt: thriving and functioning optimally. Seeing my friends take painkillers daily throughout high school shocked me and gave me the drive to help make the world a healthier place.

After growing up in the UK, I decided to move back to my birth town, Melbourne, where I completed my double bachelor degree in Chiropractic at RMIT. I also attended many seminars about nutrition, paediatrics and chiropractic technique, including Thompson Technique, Neural Organisation Technique, Activator methods, Kairos Training and Syntrophy Adjusting, to ensure I have a wide range of techniques available to utilise dependent on each client’s individual needs.

After graduating I moved to sunny Queensland where I’ve practiced for nearly three years, taking care of new borns, great grandmothers, athletes and everyone in between! I then spent a year practicing in the UK to be closer to family after eight years of living overseas. I’m excited to now be closer to the ocean & help the Currumbin community thrive!

One of my great passions is to empower people to take their health into their own hands and to help them understand how smart their body can be. You can expect to feel listened to, understood and inspired after one of our sessions.


Evolve Chiropractic GC

Sunny was rescued from the Toowoomba pound by a pet rescue group when three months old. Despite this shaky start to life, she has really thrived in her role as ‘Practice Pup’ at Evolve GC! She likes beach runs, balls and belly scratches.

Fun Facts:

Born in 2019

Her DNA tests revealed she is a Border Collie, Australian Koolie, Corgi cross!

Therapy Dog wannabe

A Very Good Girl

Every year we give a donation to her rescue charity K9 Off The Chain Rescue as a thank you for all the joy she has given us all.

Bob Bones

Brand ambassador for Evolve Chiropractic GC

Previously practice member and ambassador at Alive Health, Orange, New South Wales

Studied at Macquarie University, Sydney , Australia.

Enjoys travelling and finding creative ways to showcase the healing potential of the body.

Favourite holiday: Halloween.

Our Philosophy

When we see you, we see the potential that your body has to heal and thrive. Our primary intent for our practice members is  ‘optimisation of self’ – to allow your natural healthy state to reassert itself  by ensuring that the part of you that does the healing is in good working order; the nervous system in your spine.

The brain initiates signals to all of the cells in your body that are then delivered to them via the spinal cord, and the spinal nerves. This is how your body, including your regeneration and repairing works! We focus wholly on restoring health and function to your nervous system by removing physical pressure which can arise from the busy 21st century lives we all lead. By restoring the function of your nervous system, your natural healthy state can begin to reassert itself, your body will heal itself.


We have created an open soothing space for our clients to enjoy, believing as we do that the better the environment we are in, the better we can thrive. We have had our practice space refreshed by local tradespeople, with locally sourced or Australian made products wherever possible.

As your body function and nervous system returns to it’s natural state of ease, this can deliver increased feeling and freedom of movement and will assist in the resolution of many health problems including but not limited to;

Improved energy and stress resilience, resolution of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, low back ache, relief from disc prolapses and degenerative discs, relief from postural discomfort.

We also have experience in

  • managing pregnancy related conditions,
  • pre and post tongue tie care
  • retained reflex management
  • paediatric, children and teenager care

There are many different chiropractic techniques, what we call our ‘art’ , which are our way of delivering the health benefits of chiropractic. Whether it is a beautifully delivered traditional chiropractic adjustment using techniques that are tried and tested for over 100 years, or a gentle cranio-sacral tune-up, your preferences and needs can be catered for.

Physical techniques are adapted to suit the age, health and personal preferences of every client, and we accept clients of every age, shape and ability level, including babies, pregnancy, elderly, and those who are less able- bodied.

Some techniques utilised

  • Sacro-occipital technique
  • Craniosacral adjusting
  • Webster Technique certified (pregnancy)
  • Neuro-impulse protocol (NIP)
  • Applied Kinesiology diagnostic protocol
  • Diversified
  • Drop piece