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Energy management in a time pressured world

January 11, 2021

Energy is one of the most valuable resources you have, and one that can be diminished by stress in your environment. Your ‘sympathetic’ /‘flight or flight’ nervous system is a primitive response to meet an immediate need for survival. It is fleeting, fast and designed to save our life. The rest of the time we want to living in a natural state that promotes, healing, regeneration and adaptation; your ‘parasympathetic ‘ state. Our bodies naturally and effortlessly are designed to move between these two states as the need arises. This is one of the unique benefits of being a living human being! In todays world, the sympathetic nervous system can be constantly stimulated by living a life on a schedule, stimulants, but also another way; constant postural and structural irritation to the very nerve pathways in your spinal column that stimulate your fight or flight response; thus preventing you returning to your parasympathetic state. In this constant state of sympathetic response; things essential to life and vitality such as sleeping, digesting, reproducing, adapting, regeneration and healing suddenly become much less of an immediate priority.

This physical over- stimulation occurs through our sitting based lifestyle and use of devices, and can also be secondary to spinal problems. Obviously, the solution will lie with the cause; so after you have ensured that the foundation of your health is stable (hint; that is your spine! As ever, chiropractic is my favourite way to promote a healthy spine), exercise such as walking, swimming will stimulate the whole spine and nervous system, and pilates and yoga is the perfect way to get your core firing – which is why it goes so well with your chiropractic care.

It also is important to keep yourself grounded and connected, in perspective and diminish the effect of schedules and deadlines on your body physiology. Getting out and getting into nature is a great way to increase your breathing, get perspective in your day, and feel more grounded and ‘centred’.

 If you are feeling overwhelmed with your day and finding it hard to disconnect from work and obligations, try scheduling in an hour of ‘aeroplane mode’ a few times a week  so that you won’t be subconsciously checking into your emails and phone calls.

If you are interested in reading more check out these articles about exercise and nature, and why they are important 🙂


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