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Chiropractic is a natural healthcare that respects the ability of the body to repair and regulate itself. It focuses wholly on the ability of the nervous system in the spinal cord to deliver impulses from the brain to the body.

By analysing and measuring the health of the nervous system, and the joint and muscular structures that support it, chiropractic assists your body in returning to its natural state, where health will reassert itself.

Your First Time

A conversation about your health and life, and what you need assistance with. We can decide if what we have to offer is the right action for you.

When checking your spine, we will do extensive neurological and orthopaedic testing to analyse the source of your problems, discuss a solution to your health concerns, and refer you for any additional necessary testing (including X-ray referral or GP referral).


Your second visit will include a re-examination of your neurological tests, confirmation of the contributing factors affecting you, and a further chance to discuss your health further. We will discuss how you can facilitate your own healing process, and what may interfere with it, and time frames and expectations involved.

Every 6-12 visits, depending on your health and condition, we will perform your function tests again to determine your progress. This is a special appointment that helps us meet your needs where you are at that point in time, and monitor your continuing improvement.