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Our sole focus when we are with you is improving your life through chiropractic. There are many factors which may affect your health and the way that you feel. Comprehensive testing of your health by your chiropractor is the only way to get a clear sense of what is affecting you, so that we can help you with a personalised chiropractic solution.


Your First Time

Experience relief and wellness during your first chiropractic visit, by determining what issues are causing the concern you are seeking help for. Our skilled chiropractor will listen to you, and then perform a thorough assessment to understand your unique needs. They will do all necessary orthopaedic, neurological, and structural testing, and can refer your for xrays if you need them. They will discuss the best styles of chiropractic care suitable for you and your unique needs with the goal of improving your spinal health and wellbeing.

Any adjustments performed are personalized for you, and are done entirely at the chiropractors discretion if they believe it in your best interest. If you require xrays you will receive your first adjustment once they are taken.



Your second visit will include a re-examination of your neurological tests, confirmation of the contributing factors affecting you, and a further chance to discuss your health further. We will discuss how you can facilitate your own healing process, and what may interfere with it, and time frames and expectations involved.

Every 6-12 visits, depending on your health and condition, we will perform your function tests again to determine your progress. This is a special appointment that helps us meet your needs where you are at that point in time, and monitor your continuing improvement.