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Our busy 21st century lifestyle impacts us at all stages of life. Good spinal health allows you to adapt to those daily stresses, and recover from small injuries and microtraumas so that you can continue to enjoy what you love.


Free from interference to your nervous system your body is much better equipped to heal and repair any injuries. This can assist in the management and repair of things such as improved stress resilience, resolution of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, low back ache, relief from disc prolapses and degenerative discs, relief from postural discomfort to name a few.

Techniques offered

Traditional Chiropractic Adjustment

Gently and beautifully delivered to release joints that are stuck in motion.

Neuro-impulse protocol

Light as a feather technique developed initially to accomodate the delicate nervous system of the infant, it is an effective way to adjust anyone who prefers a lighter touch.

Sacro-occipital technique (SOT)

Webster technique

Developed especially for the pregnant client, to balance the body and its supporting pelvic ligaments. Dr Edwina is a Webster certified chiropractor

Applied kinesiology

A diagnostic tool using muscle strength to guide us to the aspects of your body that need attention.

Retained neonatal reflexes

As indicated by applied kinesiology.

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