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Sustainable living

January 11, 2021

We have become accustomed to think of living sustainably in our environment, but all too often we aren’t thinking of whether we are treating our other, primary environment (our body), in a sustainable fashion- otherwise known as ‘ageing’ gracefully. We have our own personal ecosystem that is self regulating, just like that of a larger ecosystem in nature, but if we interfere with it by not moving it, having poor structural alignment, lack of hydration, a nervous system in distress, and non nourishing food intake (not to mention consumption of non-nutritious substances), then over time we will erode our system into dis-ease and ill health. These things affect us in the moment, but the effects will also be cumulative over time.

A body that has been around the sun many times needn’t be any less robust than the next person’s, if you adhere to these simple principles. Conversely, if you are feeling the effects of a life well lived (but not wisely!) the fastest, and sometimes the only way forward, is to return to the beginning, think about what may have interfered with your health over time, and then rectify this. It takes time, energy and resources, some times more than we bargained for to begin to regenerate. However, the benefits can last you for the rest of your lifetime!

Common areas to think about are:

Your body alignment

The impact of repetitive postural and physical habits

Strength and cardiovascular fitness

Stress levels

Rest levels (mentally and physically)



Consumption and use of non- nutrients or use of substances and compounds over time.


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